Alison Lidderdale – Marketing & Creative Partner at Alldigital Marketing

Alison Lidderdale – Marketing and Communications professional

Alison Lidderdale Marketing and CommunicationsAlison is a marketing and communications professional with more 25 years of experience, gained from a broad spectrum of corporate environments. Her capabilities stem from many years in top London agencies and also operating on a consultancy basis in a variety of sectors that include horseracing, the gaming industry, sponsorship, events, charity, transport and infrastructure, property, education and the digital market place.

Her creatively driven execution of projects has seen her implement and manage on line bookmaker Sportingbet’s Queen Mother Champion Chase story, create the brand for Tubelines (the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Line brand) and oversee an Olympic bid campaign. She is delivery focused and knows how to effectively align PR and marketing to leverage brand awareness and performance both on and off line. Her solid knowledge of business, communication requirements and management channels transfer easily from grass roots to board level – she is a robust business performer. Alison is as comfortable leading a team as working in one and is available on a daily, weekly or interim basis. Email: alison@alldigital.marketing | Phone: 07767 491527 | LinkedIn

Marketing & Promotion

Conceive a great product, determine the right price, place it appropriately and promote it well. In the digital world you create an attractive presence, determine the right premise, deliver an appropriate presentation and make your product/service appear personalised to the online audience seeking it.

Events Management

From internal workshops to 'big bash' promotion events – anything and everything is possible. In order to effectively supervise logistics, branding and management of the finer detail it's always good to 'plan'. Having an external team available to take up the slack could be the difference between an 'OK' event and an 'outstanding' event.

Sponsorship Activation

Relationship management is a key component of successful sponsor campaigns – particularly relationships with relevant bodies, individuals and authorities relevant to the client's industry. Utilising media contacts to enhance and endorse industry profile and leveraging industry contacts are all key capabilities we offer.


Brand Management

A trusted brand is a successful brand – in today's digital environment your brand is not just about 'looks' but it is about what consumers say about it and their perception of your brand personality. All your marketing assets must endorse your brand and what it says about you and your products/services.

PR & Campaign Management

Public Relations is traditional relationship management – promoting your products, services and messages to wider audience will help potential customers find you. It all forms part of the full marketing mix.

Assets Management

Be it retargeting banner adverts online or graphics to support an event in real-time, ensuring the correct use of brand and optimised placement of graphics will make a campaign work to full advantage and make it something that your audience will remember you for, for all the right reasons.


Media Relations

It doesn't matter if you are a global FTSE 100 making the news or financial press in one way or another on a regular basis or a local enterprise with only an annual message to share – both entities need to create and maintain a good relationship with the press. Communicating with the media effectively will ensure accurate coverage when it is your turn to shine.

Crisis Communications

When things don't go according to plan there is no need to lose control. People are remarkably resilient and can take really bad news very well as long as it is honestly delivered. A well-considered response delivered later in the day is preferable to an immediate knee-jerk reaction that may later be regretted.

Dare to be different

We have enjoyed the greatest success when we've been given a loose rein to use our imagination to fulfil a requirement. We have devised unique board games and quizzes, built robust puzzles and developed all sorts of fun and useful giveaways that have all helped clients remain memorable to their target audience. These are so often the most fun, rewarding and most cost-effective elements that everyone can enjoy.

Marketing Automation

Knowing more about your potential clients is a massive bonus of Marketing Automation. It is a discreet tool that works hard behind the scenes to build better relationships and, in doing so, creates a stream of quality and qualified leads through your pipeline.

Email Marketing

We love building campaigns and making them work. Short or long term the skills we possess are transferable for whatever the requirement and we really enjoy making the best use of this medium. Communicate with convenience.

Digital Communications

Digital marketing is a natural progression from traditional marketing. Navigating the digital territory doesn't have to be daunting but it will help you to build customer personas and deliver a comprehensive strategy aimed at meeting a client’s requirements and budget.