Marketing Automation –Free Taster

Amazing Card Trick - give it a go

This is a simple Marketing Automation taster demo. It's free, it only takes a minute and will help you begin to understand how powerful Marketing Automation can be.

No boring demos here. Can you work out how we read your mind?

With a simple card trick, we can show you the power of marketing automation.

This demonstration will:

  • Learn something about you
  • Track your choices
  • Send you personalised, behavioural-based emails
  • Apply a lead score
  • Trigger automations
  • Pull a rabbit out of your hat! Okay, maybe not this one...


In a few minutes you will get an explanation on how this trick works, and an invitation to see even more powerful and complex demonstrations... and what's more all is explained so you can see the relevance to your business...

Try it now... just complete the very minimal form on this page.

Magic Card Trick - Try it now