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Benefits of Marketing Automation


For Marketing Automation to deliver real benefits, you need a good partner that seeks to understand your business and its customers and can help you assess the right solution for you. 

Correctly implemented Marketing Automation can transform a business yielding the following typical benefits: 

  • Marketing-created-won-deals can deliver 30-40% higher deal values than outbound-created
  • Marketing-driven sales can easily form more than 40% of the sales pipeline and deliver in excess of 50% of all sales
  • Automation saves 75% work effort due to self-qualification of prospects 
  • Marketing Automation analytics provide visibility of the complete lead-to-revenue costs so efforts are highly targeted to deliver better returns
  • The setup process generates maturity in marketing practices and a better understanding of customers, which consequently serves them better

The following gives more details of one implementer's experience on the process of setting up Marketing Automation and its realisable benefits. You are also welcome to contact us directly and ask questions – by phone 07956 306940, by email hello@alldigital.marketing

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Why Businesses choose Marketing Automation

Sales in today's environment is more competitive than ever, with the power switching from the seller to the buyer. This is leading to increased marketing pressure, and shrinking deal sizes with informed buyers driving hard bargains.

Marketing spend continues to increase and is becoming more fragmented and demanding on internal resources. The costs for marketing continue to increase, with marketing resources delivering ebooks, webinars, managing websites, doing blog posts, landing pages and email blasts. The costs are continually escalating and are not yielding proportional new sales.

So businesses need to rethink their marketing strategies and re-focus their marketing efforts. Setting up marketing automation and integrating the various disciplines is a natural step to automate the repetitive processes, and focus sales on closing the hot prospects.

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Better customer insights and re-focus of Marketing Activity

Undefined PersonasMost businesses have no idea who their personas are and some are not aware of what a persona is. To setup marketing automation you need to understand what it is you need to automate. So most Marketing Automation solutions start by analysing some basics; who are we marketing to, what are their buying needs and what information they require and what is the journey they go through in the buying cycle? Ultimately what do they need to make a buying decision?

This process challenges the business to really begin to understand its customers and often realigns thinking. The outcomes tend to deliver joined up sales and marketing messaging, improves the buyer experience and sets up metrics to measure customer engagement and marketing effectiveness to inform future strategy development. Normally the business immediately makes savings by axing marketing initiatives that deliver little return and focus on high return initiatives.

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Cost reductions with more sales at higher values

sales volume and total salesvalueBy automating the inbound marketing process, which allows customers to self qualify themselves in their own time, without sales pressure is a better nurturing experience for the potential buyer. As Marketing Automation doesn't care if it is nurturing 10 or 10,0000 prospects, the Sales team only need to deal with the leads that pop out of the funnel where the prospect has already been self-qualified.

  • Businesses can expect to save 75% in manual lead processing, as an alert is triggered when a prospect is hot and ready for a close your sales team can be instantly in contact with them empowered and armed with all the information they need to close.
  • Typically businesses can close more deals with less resources than would have been the case using outbound created sales.
  • The better prospect experience, self qualification and better understanding delivers higher close rates.
  • Resources that would have wasted time on low probability opportunities can be deployed elsewhere.

Businesses who employ Marketing Automation save money, get better and more profitable clients and gain a better understanding of customer needs. They also enjoy greater loyalty and upsell opportunities – and, no surprise, get even more referral business.

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Success requires a good partner

Marketing Automation PartnerJust installing a Marketing Automation platform is not guaranteed to deliver success. Like most businesses success, it's the quality of the people who put the Marketing Automation system together than really generate the success.

Alldigital Marketing utilises the skills of a team of experienced digital marketers who are passionate about delivering solutions that drive strong returns on investment.

Alldigital Marketing will...

  • Take the time to understand your business, your products and services and your customers
  • Facilitate the process to identify your buyer personas, define the needs of your personas through all the stages of the buying cycle and add experience and creativity to build an effective content plan
  • Call upon the experience of thousands of fellow consultants with 30,000-plus customers to ensure we bring solutions to bear that we know work
  • Help you measure the effectiveness of your Marketing Automation and guide you through the whole process

Contact Alldigital Marketing now by completing our Contact Us form or call John on 07956 306 940.

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