Key features of Marketing Automation

Key Features of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a single platform integration of a collection of Martech tools. Used together you can track and nurture propsects, improve productivity and get more leads with higher conversion


Email Automation

Send emails with triggers and build personal relationships with leads

Dynamic Forms

Capture more leads with forms designed to convert


Dynamic Web Content

Close more sales with content that grows with your leads


Lead Scoring

Prioritise your pipeline and reach out to sales-ready leads


Sales Notifications

Email or text sales team when a lead indicates they are ready to buy



Triple your leads by identifying anonymous traffic


CRM Integration

Immediately plug your leads into your sales team’s system


Social Media Management

Publish, listen, and track campaigns with fully integrated social media tools.


Gmail / Email Syncing

Emails sent and received from IMAP clients show up right in leads' histories.



Understand your leads to create one-on-one communication


Sales Analytics

Enable your sales team with key insights about each lead


Campaign Optimisation

Eliminate waste and identify opportunities


Chat Bots

Chat, engage and identify opportunities with visitor ID tracking from the outset



Reporting available at your fingertips 24/7 to monitor sales and chart ROI



Amplify your brand and drive returning visitors with dynamic "follow me" ads


Sales Optimiser

Automate sales tasks and prompts to ensure you always send the right message at the right time


Sales Dialer

Automated dialler direct from within your CRM for maximum productivity


Video Calling

Zoom integration, lets you video call your prospects, customers or set up a team call from directly within the CRM


Open API Integrations

Connect thousands of Martech apps either directly or via Zapier into your Marketing Automation platform


Video Remarketing Ads

Amplify your brand and drive returning visitors with dynamic "follow me" video ads


Yes-No Branches

Build more flexible and powerful automations with yes/no or if then/else workflows


Live Chat

When available direclty connect a website "live" chat conversation with anyone in your business

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