Marketing Automation for Property Developers

Property Developers iconWhat is Marketing Automation for Property Developers?

Self-identifying inbound leads

As explained on our Marketing Automation page our product is a Marketing Automation software tool to help your business gain qualified leads and achieve quality sales.

The sales process has changed dramatically in recent years. Prospects looking for products and services do their research and seek confidence in products and companies ‘before’ they walk in to a sales environment.

The property andhousing market as a whole has been slow to adapt. But it’s never too late and embracing Marketing Automation for Property Developers now could transform your business performance and fuel growth.

Understand your prospects

Imagine this scenario. A young professional looking for their first home has been attracted to your housing development site. They can see the potential in owning one of your properties. They may drive past the site and consider the pros and cons of the surrounding area. They will definitely seek to find out more about the development online and they will find your property development website. But you don't know who he or she is – in fact, you don’t even know they have driven past your site.

Now imagine this. A young professional has finished work very late but is winding down at home and browsing for property investment opportunities. As they navigate through your website they answer a few simple questions, such as what their budget is, or if they want a buy-to-let property – perhaps even ask if they have visited the site in person. They’re simple tick-box questions and they don’t have to give up contact details so they’re happy to answer and be filtered through to relevant information. But then they doze off so close the laptop and go to bed.

The next day, they’re on your website again. This time they request a development brochure and so complete their email address and name.

Rather than wondering what type of person is interested in your property offer you now have a valid lead – without even meeting them. And before you even knew their name, you had an understanding of their budget and what interests them about your development.

Avoiding time-wasters

Marketing Automation systems track prospects even when they are anonymous website visitors (by IP address), continually qualifying the prospects, checking for engagement and scoring actions. There is no limitation on prospect numbers, so Marketing Automation for housing developers can nurture thousands of prospects as easily as one. If that professional mentioned above is suddenly made redundant and can no longer immediately consider property investment then when she returns a few years later, having made a fortune (and because she built up a trust and interest in your brand having followed your success), you will be forearmed with details of her original search. You will have developed brand loyalty in that individual because all your marketing was on their terms – keeping you several steps ahead of your competition.

Using thresholds and scores prospects are moved between or through workflows allowing them to qualify themselves as hot prospects when ‘they’ are ready. Triggers can be set to alert your team to hot prospects as they qualify providing a profile and their individual engagement history.

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Alldigital’s Marketing Automation service delivers:

  • Conversion website/portal design and build – creating from scratch or priming existing online structures, specific to your development and current capabilities
  • Integration with existing Content Management Systems (CMS) and databases
  • Unique leads-focussed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to build and maintain the confidence of your target audience
  • Marketing automation facility to free up frontline resources


  • Reporting: instant pipeline reporting across single or multiple sites
  • Insight: know who is interested in your development and have knowledge of what they’re looking for before the first one-to-one contact
  • Flexibility: manage the flow of your automated marketing campaign around your own schedule, even if that changes at short notice
  • Control: personalise your sales strategy before the first contact and generate vital data that is yours to use (subject to contract)