John Warr Marketing Consultant and Speaker at Alldigital Marketing

John Warr – Speaker on Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation

John Warr Digital MarketerJohn Warr is an innovative digital marketer who can educate, facilitate and present high impact Digital Marketing strategies. With 10 years of experience working with 100s of companies, and trained by global leading digital providers, John knows how to set up, monitor and continually adjust high performance integrated marketing campaigns, including SEO, PPC and Social Media. John's range of marketing experience spans across all industry sectors, from small start ups to managing global campaigns.

John sold his successful Marketing Agency in Newbury 4 years ago and has since specialised in Marketing Automation. Many business's see Marketing Automation solutions as a Technology but John shows how to use these tools to deliver real benefits to businesses with better reporting and control, more focussed marketing and effective lead nurturing and loyalty programs with higher margin and volume sales.

John welcomes the opportunity to share his knowledge with the Business Community and would be pleased to speak on these topics at Breakfast Meetings, Conferences or community groups

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What is Marketing Automation?

A 30 to 60 minute introduction to Marketing Automation. Now affordable for SMEs, this educational presentation is aimed at business owners wishing to understand the power and potential of Marketing Automation to improve sales volumes and margins using less focussed resources. The content can be made bespoke to the audience, but typically covers:

  • What is Marketing Automation
  • Who are the Industry Players in providing Marketing Automation solutions and how do they differ
  • What are the REAL benefits of Marketing Automation to businesses and would it work for you?
  • Advantages of Marketing Automation for GDPR compliance.
  • Tips on how best to implement Marketing Automation to maximise return on your investment

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Marketing on a Shoestring

A 45 to 60 minute practical guide to Marketing on a Shoestring. John will educate and share tips and practical advice on delivering effective marketing with little or no budget. John delivers an interactive presentation and will demonstrate the 10 key principles in action with real examples of good practice and "room for improvement" from audience members with their permission.

The content is bespoke to the audience, but typically covers:

  • Basic principles of low budget Marketing
  • Creating your own strategy for success
  • Increasing website conversion
  • Low cost techniques to engage with your customer and prospects
  • Amplifying your business to appear much bigger than it really is
  • Protecting your reputation and driving referral business

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